Meet Our Tutors

Kya Wiggins, Co-General Manager

Kya Wiggins

My name is Kya Wiggins and I am a Junior Dual degree engineering student at Berry College planning on attending Georgia Tech in Fall 2021. At Berry, I have a double major in Physics and Math. I just started tutoring for VTS in Fall 2020 and am very excited to get started. I am a tutor for Viking Tutoring Services because I love math and science and I want to improve my teaching skills. I've also tutored in the past and I enjoy helping students learn! Some of my favorite hobbies include art, skating and running. Due to these hobbies and my passions I am a part of Berry College’s Track and Field Team, the Society of Physics Students and the Campus Outreach Program. One fun fact about myself is that my mom's side of my family is from the Virgin Islands.

Nathania Cortes, Co-General Manager

Hello! My name is Nathania Cortes. I am a Senior Secondary Education and English major with a minor in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am currently a Viking Tutoring Services co-general manager with Kya. I became involved with Viking Tutoring Services this year because my love of learning and teaching drove me to continue serving the learning communities Berry students have helped create. I love how tutoring blends building meaningful relationships with individuals while facilitating the process of learning. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy watching The Great British Baking Show, reading young-adult fiction, exercising, and playing with my dog Myla.

Will Caddell, Math Tutor

Will Caddell

My name is Will Caddell and I am a Senior, double major in Mathematics and Philosophy at Berry College. I also take elective studies in music because it is one of the many academic fields I enjoy studying. When I'm not studying I enjoy the company of my closest friends as we converse, debate, play card games, or watch a movie. In my time alone I practice playing on the drum kit, root for my favorite professional football team (the Falcons), fold origami, or play video games on my Nintendo Switch. I started tutoring with Viking Tutoring Services in March 2019. My favorite part about tutoring is seeing the gears click into place when a tutee understands a concept and begins to do their work without much if any more help from me.


Christian Casteel, Chemistry and Biology Tutor

Christian Casteel

Hi my name is Christian Casteel and I am a Senior working towards a dual Major in Biochemistry and Spanish with Biology and Computer Science minors. For VTS, I tutor the subjects Biology and Chemistry. I decided to become a tutor for VTS in Fall 2019 as a way to help others learn and to assist them in their education as others have done for me! My favorite hobbies are camping, climbing and playing ultimate frisbee! At Berry college I am on the Berry Bucks Ultimate Frisbee club team! A fun fact about me is that I have a twin, who looks very similar to me, although we are not identical. 

Alexander Galloway, Math and Physics Tutor

Hi, I am Alexander and I am a Senior, General Physics and Secondary Education double major. I have just started working with Viking Tutoring Services in September 2020. I decided to tutor with VTS because I really enjoy physics and math and teaching others about these subjects. For fun I like to swim, play video games, and sing. At Berry I am involved in Berry Singers and STEMteach, a program that allows me to get teaching experience before I graduate. One fun fact about me is that I have performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


Sarah Huffman, Middle Grades Math Tutor

Hello! My name is Sarah Huffman, and I am a Junior Middle Grades Education Major at Berry College with concentrations in Mathematics and Social Studies and minors in English and Dance. I decided to become a tutor with VTS to gain experience with a wider range of students and learning journeys so that I can be a more effective teacher. My hobbies include writing, crafting, and dancing. I am currently a part of the Berry College Dance Company and plan to be until my graduation. A fun fact about me: I once created thirty-two feathered hairpieces for dancers at the studio where I used to dance!

Anna Rumore, Elementary Math Tutor

Hey! My name is Anna Rumore and I am a Senior at Berry College majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I love  teaching children and watching the light bulb go off when they begin to develop an understanding for what they are learning. Thus, I am so excited to get the opportunity to help students grow and help share my passion of learning with each child I encounter as a Elementary math tutor at Viking Tutoring Services. At Berry I am on the Volleyball team, in the Kappa Delta Pi Honors society, and a part of the leadership fellows. Outside of school some of my favorite hobbies include hiking and being outdoors, being with friends and family, and babysitter. One random fun fact about myself is that every Christmas, I make homemade Italian sausage and meatballs with my 25 cousins!